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The Woven Torah is divided according to its internal literary structure. In the two main books it is directly called - Descending and Ascending, and is also translated in the "Book of Laws" as "The Book of Calamity", which is why it is called so: "The Book of Trouble". These two sides of Heaven are described in different detail, but they exist in the same structure of creation. All other books of Nivkhi, "Pilot", contain only a lesson, but there is no explanation in it. Since the Torah also includes preaching, it also has a second name, another name that means "The Book that regulates human affairs." It contains all wisdom. The entire content of the Torah can only be expressed through its Book, which is why it is called the "Book of Wisdom". The Torah itself includes Omniscience. In other words, the Torah consists of all instructions, it includes all ready-made instructions, but for this very reason it is not called the "Book of Salvation", but the "Book of Deliverance". All writings of the Torah must be based on the Divine Spirit. They contain references to the Higher Beings, to the Sacred Legends, which for many centuries were processed by rabbis and learned sages and framed in their numerous treatises. These books have had a large number of interpretations over the course of seven generations, as they deal with so many things that ordinary people have no idea about. All people are divided into five categories, each of which is a participant in the Supreme Divine Administration, each person has his own importance, his own special path and his own special tasks. Therefore, in the Holy Book of the Torah there are instructions for all human affairs, and no one can know from whom wisdom comes. There are five categories of people. They mostly live in the North, they are the intelligentsia. They cannot be called good or good (we understand that they are good), because they do not carry even a grain of Divine Being. Their word is the word of a scholar, but not of a sacred man. They believe that the instructions of the Torah are only general in nature, but in fact they all need additional interpretation. They are a very good people, but in many ways they are like water. Unlike their less developed "blood brothers", they do not have such abilities, but behave like the same people as us. They obey the Word that comes from G-d, but the words of G-d are misunderstood. Instead of gratitude, they despise the Torah and consider her sermon f02ee7bd2b